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Simple light-operated street lamp circuit diagram(3)

2016-08-13 00:11  
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Simple light-operated  street lamp circuit diagram(3)
VDP is the photodiode and it has low resistance in the day, and resistance ≤ 1kΩ, then transistor VT2 is turned off, then thyristor VT1 is in the off-state as the gate has no trigger current, and E can not be lit. In the night, VL shows a high resistance as no light exposure, and the resistance ≥ 100kΩ, then VT2 is turned on, and the emitter can output positive trigger current whcih is flowing through the gate of VT1, the opening of VT1, then E is lit. Adjusting RP can turn on EL when the lighting circuit needs to be lit. The regulator VS is set in the circuit to make it work more stable and reliable.