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Sound control, dimming commercial colored lamp control circu

2016-08-08 08:29  
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Sound control, dimming commercial colored lamp control circuit
This circuit is colored lamp, dimming double-duty controller. It is direct conreolled by the musical sound of audio device, the brightness can be discretionarily adjusted, and it is convenient for using. It can be used in meeting place, dance hall, home decoration, and it also can be used in electric mattress, electric iron temperature adjustment, electric fan speed regulation and so on. When the audio device sends out musical sound, after being received by electret microphone MIC, it will be changed into audio singal, it is amplified by BG1, BG2. BG2 is in off condition in normal times, after BG2 turning on, R7 will produce pulse voltage to trigger TRIAC 3CTS, and light up the color lamp. When switch K1 is in dimming position, the voltage is adjusted between 0~220V by the voltage regulation circuit which is composed of R9, R10, W2, C5, D3, to achieve dimming, temperature adjustment, speed regulation.