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60 LED clock circuit

2014-12-16 20:47  
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This article shows that the 60 LED clock circuit. To better grasp this principle, you can combine text understandable that circuit. For a more thorough grasp of this principle, you can also learn about the importance of the circuit components, such as: CD4049 , CD4093. The circuit is very simple, but effective. Welcome to explore the principle. I hope for your help. You can see that we have changed the circuit a bit. For example, in the NAND gate 4093 are set exactly 1 second clock pulse. Clock rate depends on the combination of resistors and capacitors 4093 years. If the 220 ??k ohm resistor and capacitor is 4.7 uf and a 1 second clock pulse output. Increase the clock frequency you should reduce the value of the resistor or capacitor. Reduce the clock frequency you should increase the value of resistors or capacitors. ? Remember to ground all unused circuits leg 4093 or noise will occur and cause the clock malfunction. Therefore, the ground pin 5,6,8,9,12 and 13. Operating circuit simply move the switch from stop running.




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