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7 Led light running adjust speed by 4017 and 555

2014-12-13 00:04  
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The led light running circuit generally can not adjust the speed of running. Cause dull monotony. Resulting in an idea to build this circuit up. This circuit can adjust the speed of the led light as needed. Makes this circuit can be used more versatile.
Operation of the circuit is divided into two parts: frequency generators. And the display. By the frequency generator IC1 contains a number Ic timer circuit 555 and frequency generator. Defined by the R1, VR1 and C1 will be the output signal at pin 3 of IC1 sent to display section.
In display section consists of IC2, a number CD4017 IC Counter circuit is displayed by the volt at pin 3, 2, 4, 7, 10, 1 and 5, respectively, each pin. The speed depends on the frequency count obtained from pin 14 of IC2, which we can adjust VR1 adjusts the frequency from the frequency generator part.

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