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AC Powered LED Circuit

2014-12-13 05:42  
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In the application we often see the use of LED as an indicator or as accessories, in which the resilience of the nature of high light emitting diode (LED) make it suitable for ON / OFF indicator applications. Due to limitations on the operating voltage is low, the LEDs are usually applied to low voltage applications. Fortunately, there is a simple method to implement the LED indicator for high voltage powerline: reactance of the capacitor can be used to restrict at any time without dissipating power, this is because the voltage at the capacitor 90 degrees different from that now. Here is a schematic diagram of the circuit:


AC Powered Led AC Powered LED Circuit

In the picture above the zener diode used to limit the voltage and allows current to flow in reverse direction on the cycle where the current flow can not flow through the LED.  Without this zener, which will now actually stop flowing since the capacitor block whe he is now flowing in one direction only. Capacitor determine the current setting options, approximately 4 mA to 20 mA and 100nF to 470nF.


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