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AC Powered-LED Flasher

2014-12-04 12:31  
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Based on a request by FreeCircuitDiagram reader Helynn Schufletowski, here we present an AC powered-LED flasher circuit for all of you! DEADLY ELECTRICAL SHOCK WARNING: This circuit is not isolated from mains supply, don’t touch it when it’s plugged to the power line.


ac powered led flasher circuit schematic

The circuit is based on our previous transistor LED flasher circuit, but we added a transformer-less ac adapter around1N4007diodes, including zener diode, also 0.39 uF and 220uF capacitors. All polarized capacitors should be rated for 25 volts. This circuit works at 110 VAC supply with 0.39 uF/200V. To make it works at 220VAC, you just need to replace the 0.39uF capacitor with 0.22uF/400V.


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