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AVR controlled signal generator-skeleton board

2014-12-22 08:37  
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This is continuing of threadAVR controlled signal generator.In earlier post 1 layer PCB prototype I described a little about making PCB of this small project. Now few words about soldering and making first test run.

>This is my PCB board’s bottom. During soldering I discovered one mistake – ISP headers pins MISO and MOSI were swapped. So I had to do some fixes (the green wire).


Another small problem, I discovered, was that I couldn’t find 20k SMD resistors for my R-2R leader. For this DAC R-2R leader I need 10k and 20k resistors to make DAC work properly. So I decided to make “fun”? with my Board and soldered 10k SMD resistors in series to gain 20k:


Looks good isn’t it? At least this is working for me.

Then soldered LCD connector and connected 9V battery (voltage regulator LM7805 does his job to reduce it to 5V).


In this project I connected LCD using 3 wires. I used this test program and it worked.

I will have to adjust LCD routine properties to have better timings (delays), because now code is inefficient and takes too much time to execute.

Next stage will be to connect buttons needed. I think I will put all buttons on separate PCB and fix it to the final box like in?Ultraviolet light source UV-80 for PCB exposure? project.

To be continued…

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