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Automotive LED Driver Tail / Brake Light Clusters

2014-12-01 18:58  
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This article presents the automotive  LED  driver tail / brake light cluster circuit. The circuit is designed to be installed in the vehicle tail and brake lights, when the driver requests by several led light cluster. These two luminance levels of clusters obtained is driven by a constant current source Q1 and Q2. These two constant level set values ??R2 and R3. When SW1 is illuminated in the cluster will moderate brightness. When the brake operation, SW2 will close and the cluster will shine at maximum brightness. Such clusters can be led by as many as 12 lines as shown in Figure. Common type of cluster typically range from 5-10 LEDs.

Tail/Brake Light Cluster


R1______________10K  1/4W Resistor
R2______________33R  1/4W Resistor (See Notes)
R3______________15R  1/4W Resistor (See Notes)

D1___________1N5819   40V 1A Schottky-barrier Diode (See Notes)
D2--D13________LEDs   High brightness, high efficiency red types (See Notes)

Q1____________BC547   45V 100mA NPN Transistor
Q2____________BC337   45V 800mA NPN Transistor

SW1____________SPST   Tail Light Switch
SW2____________SPST   Brake Light Switch

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