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BUD42D Bipolar NPN Transistor for Light Ballast Applications

2014-12-07 20:33  
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If you need abipolar NPN transistorwith dynamic characteristics and lot to lot minimum spread for your light ballast applications, you may consider the BUD42D 4A, 650V, 25W Power Transistor. The schematic below is the typical inductive load switching drive circuit diagram of the BUD42D.

BUD42D typical inductive load switching drive circuit diagram

The device has features such free wheeling diode built in, flat DC current gain, antisaturation network, transient voltage suppression capability, and “6 Sigma” Process Providing Tight and Reproducible Parameter Spreads.

Find another sections ofThe BUD42D Bipolar NPN Transistor Datasheet and Inductive Load Switching Circuit Diagramsuch as the marking diagrams, typical switching characteristics, and typical solder heating profile in this BUD42D Datasheet (source: onsemi.com).