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Circuits Automatic Emergency Light

2014-12-12 05:49  
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Circuits Automatic Emergency Light 3D 120x120 Circuits Automatic Emergency LightThis circuit is an automatic emergency light, this circuit uses a small power this is due to using white LED light. LED white color on select for lightest light. This circuit works when the 220V AC power is disconnected. Voltage sensor used in this schematic is the transistor BD140. This sensor serves to drain the voltage from the battery when the voltage is 220V AC power is disconnected. For normal (220V AC power is connected with the schematic), the LED does not light and the batteries will be recharged, if the 220V AC power is not connected with the schematic, the LED will turn on. LM317 IC serves to charge the battery, adjust VR1 so that the output voltage of the LM317 is worth 7 volts. Here is a schematic drawing of emergency lights:

Circuits Automatic Emergency Light 500x286 Circuits Automatic Emergency Light

Circuits Automatic Emergency Light

Use headsink made of aluminum on the transistor BD140. Transistor BD140 useful to stabilizing the output voltage LM317. While the BC548 transistor and zener diode serves to regulate the battery charging. This circuit uses a transformer with an output type of CT 9 volts. Here I also include a PCB (printed circuit board) of the automatic emergency light and you can also download it.

PCB Automatic Emergency Light 500x216 Circuits Automatic Emergency Light

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