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DIY Power Supplies Data Acquisition Card Controlled Laborato

2014-12-06 15:12  
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The power supply illustrated below is controlled by a Measurement Computing USB1208FS Data Acquisition Card.  To protect the card from the inadvertent application of high voltage two opto-isolators are used.  The first, U1 is a Perkin-Elmer VTL5C2 resistive device, the second, U5 is a Vishay IL300 or Agilent HCNR200/1.  Power is borrowed from the USB1208FS for the opto-isolators and opamps.  The +5V on the USB1208 is a bit noisy so a 33uF tantalum capacitor and 100uH choke are used.

DIY Power Supplies Data Acquisition Card Controlled Laboratory Supply by hcnr200