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Dimmer light touch system

2014-12-04 04:25  
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Working dimmer light bulbs Mechanic will cause a deterioration easy.And when using open or close the switch will cause a spark.
But this cycle can be opened, adjusted and closed with a single point of contact.The IC number PT2102 make this circuit work 4-step is close – less light – medium light – very bright.

Operation of the circuit is that when connected to AC power supply will flow through R1 to the D1. By R1 reducing voltage and current accordingly.This circuit ZD1 to the D1 power to IC1 is converted from AC to DC power and C2 filter to help smooth.To supply voltage to pin 8 of IC1 with R2 serves to bias voltage generators, which will stand a signal oscillator.The R3, will reduce pressure to the pin 2, a voltage AC 50 Hz. Used as the signal generator synchonous.The configuration is associated with the R6 and R3 to pin 8. The circuit must be assigned to a base at 50 Hz.

When the touch plate exposure, a stimulus signal to pin 4 of IC1.The D1, D2 will prevent the input signal.And the signal level at a constant stimulation R4, R5 prevention, 4-pin to signal that he does not make it too hard.In addition, D2, D3, R4, C1 to prevent high voltage leak into contact with the disc.Signal at pin 4 will be compared to the time out to pin 6. By a C4, R7, R8 adjusts the signal level. And currents that stimulate the G pin of Q1 to work.If you tap and hold the sheet touch the lamp to full brightness. But a quick touch and release, the first time at the next light. Medium to bright light. And the light goes out.

Dimmer light touch system

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