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Discrete High Current Switch Mode LED Driver

2014-12-18 17:44  
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This is a discrete high current switch mode LED driver circuit. The basics of this circuit is a buck-converter principle. The efficiency of this circuit is 80 to 90 %. This circuit can be applied on automotive lighting applications. The advantages of this circuit are low component and low cost. Here is the circuit:

Discrete High Current Switch Mode LED Driver circuit schematic diagram

The voltage input range of this circuit is 6V to 8V. This circuit uses 47uH inductor L1 that determine the max frequency < 100Khz and the efficciency is about 80%. The smaller the inductor, the higher the maximum switching frequency of the circuit. Using the component on the figure, the current output is 300mA. This ciruit uses a Schottky diode to provide a current path for the LED current during t(off). [Source: NXP Semiconductors Application Note]

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