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Halogen Light Switch Circuit

2014-12-13 16:26  
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halogen lampThis halogen light switch circuit works only for dc halogen lamps. Halogen lamps give a good light and have a excellent eficiency.

In this halogen switch circuit we use a FET transistor because the current is dependent of the FET’s gate voltage. The maximum gate voltage is 12V, so this circuit is adequate for 12 volt lamps.

R1 value is 100 kΩ for 6V and 470 kΩ for 12V. You can use BUZ10 which can outstand up to 20A or BUZ11 with maximum 30A. You dont need heatsink for this FETs because they tend to warm up to only 170C.

Halogen Switch Circuit Diagram

halogen switch circuit diagram

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