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How to build Led or Lamp Flasher Circuit

2014-12-01 06:33  
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This circuit was designed to provide that continuous light lamps already wired into a circuit, become flashing. Simply insert the circuit between existing lamp and negative supply. Especially suited for car or panel pilot lights, this device can drive lamps up to 10W.

Circuit diagram:

Led or Lamp Flasher Circuit-Circuit diagram


R1 = 6.8KR2 = 270KR3 = 220KD1 = 1N4002C1 = 220uF-25VC2 = 10uF-25VQ1 = BC557Q2 = BD139B1 = Any type in the range 3-24VB1 = Suited to the lamp adoptedLP1 = Filament Lamp 10W-3V to 24VSW1 = On-Off Switch


Break lamp to negative supply connection, and then insert the circuit between existing lamp connection and negative supply (respecting polarities!).C1 value can be varied from 100 to 1000μF or higher, in order to change flashing frequency.Although rather oversized, this circuit can also drive any LED, providing a suitable resistor is fitted in series with the light emitting device.The resistor should lie in the 47R to 2K2 range, depending on supply voltage.

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