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Integrated battery level indicator with 3 level led

2014-12-04 18:02  
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This circuit is simple battery level indicator circuit. Which be simple complicated can see that the circuit has will LED keep for display arrive at 3 step.
The work of the circuit be this circuit was fixed come to give a temple volt usual that about 11V-14V. Which will the level volt normal, if level voltage a little 11V more make LED1 red stick bright.

Integrated battery level indicator with 3 level led

If voltage 11V more than but 14V not exceed make LED1 the red and LED2 green stick bright. Because voltage that 11V exceed have current flow through R1 and ZD1 go to encourage a pin B of Q1 make Q1 work LED2 bright. But if level voltage of power supply 15V exceed make LED 3 both of stick bright. Because of volt reed source that 15V have current flow through R4 and ZD2 go to encourage pin B of Q2, It make Q2 work LED3 , then stick bright.

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