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Led light based music circuit with LM3914

2014-12-11 21:58  
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This is a simple light running circuit by music This circuit is not difficult, is MONO, with a few accessories. Can be connected to the output of a CD or cassette player Time.
Operation of the circuit. Begins to be input via VR. The VR will function fine, signal strength coming. D1 will take disconnected hemisphere plus leaving only the signal hemisphere removed to activation of Q1. Signal is extended through Q1 to pin 5 input of IC1. By C1 forward delay of the IC is not the LED (connected to the output. of IC1) off immediately. The IC IC1 is finished. The act shows the effect of the voltage at IC1 pin 5 of the display by the LED to pins 1-19 of the IC, which is within range. compared to a multiple voltage standard circuits. The circuit can operate effectively. In the R1 that it will determine the current flowing through the LED. To prevent LED damage.
Use should be connected to the input of the circuit. To the speaker terminals, change the value of R3 is 10k and IC1 can choose to display two types Bar (Bar) when the pin 9 and a power source. Dots (Dot) on 9-pin to float to drop.

Led light based music circuit with LM3914

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