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Led light based music stereo with multi system

2014-12-04 20:17  
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This circuit is another name for the VU meter. which often have a lot of equipment. Cause problems for people who start training. But this cycle is not much equipment. You can also choose, in the.
Running a bar or run with a point.
Operation of the circuit. It is the primary device IC numberLM3914Nis ready to show the effects of pressure, as a bar or have a point. Behavior of IC1 and IC2 is similar circuit R2, R3, VR1 is connected in the manner divided voltage to the input to the voltage appropriate, through D1 to Pin 5. by R1 and C1 are waiting delay. Input pin 5 not to fade away soon.When a signal to the output of each IC pin is connected to the 3-Series LED, to limit the flow. But if you want the LED on the moon alone would have to go with the R series. The S1, S2 are optional format of the display LED.

Led light based music stereo with multi system

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