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Led light running mixed using not gate

2014-12-04 03:09  
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Many people would never suspect.IC is not Gates, frequency generator that? Will be deployed there? The rubber or how it works? This circuit will work to understand more easily.Because a simple circuit is simple.
This circuit, the circuit will run at the IC not gate, the circuit arranged as a sequence.Work is in the initial condition at pin 3 of IC1 / 1 to 0 volts, will cause the voltage at pin 2 of IC1 / 1 to 9 volts.And pin 15 of IC1 / 6 to 0 volts, the LED1-LED8 not lit.However, due to pressure from the pin 2 of IC1 / 1 is connected to R3, C3 to charge through the R3.To Pin 7 of IC1 / 3 to 9 volts.As a result, the voltage at Pin 6 to 0 volts, pin 10 of IC1 / 4 is 9 volts, the LED17-LED24 light.Because pin 6 of IC1 / 3 R3 is connected to the pin 5. Of IC1 / 2 to 0 volts, as a result, the voltage at pin 4 to 9 volts.And pin 12 of IC1 / 5 is 0 volts, LED9-LED16 it off.However, subsequent pressure on the leg 4 of IC1 / 1 to make pin 3 of IC1 / 1 to 9 volts.The next, LED1-LED8 light.
The order of the signal voltage at IC1 pin is pin 15, 12 and 10, respectively, were indefinitely.

Led light running mixed using not gate

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