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Mini Led Flashlight with IC

2014-12-01 06:06  
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This led lamp circuit can be used as a mini led flashlight. Together with a 1.2 V rechargeable battery, all the components fit into a small enclosure. This is actually a DC to DC converter that convert voltage from a small value to a higher one.

The voltage of the battery affects the brightness of a light-emittind diode but if you use this circuit that won’t be a problem anymore. One difference between 1.2 V and 1.5 V is practically not detectable.

The capacitor C1 is used as afterglow when switching off the power supply voltage. If you don’t need this you may disconnect C1. For coil L1 you should use a 82 µH or a 68µH. If you use a lower value for L1 then the circuit will consume more power than really should do.

Although this mini led flashlight kit contains an IC, this circuit is suitable for beginners. This circuit is fast and allows a quick sense of achievement. With a bit of skill to make a case (such as a can or box) is adopted so that this circuit with battery takes place.

Led Flashlight circuit diagram

mini led flashlight circuit schematic

Components Values
IC1 = DC-DC converter – LT1073-5
L1 = Coil – 82 uH
C1 = Capacitor 220 μF
D1 = Diode 1N5818
D2 = LED / White / Super bright

LED technology
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