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Wiring 555 IC as a Square Wave Oscillator for Two LED Flashe

2014-12-10 14:44  
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After previously article discuss about 555 IC, the following article will provide you with an application kit – a two LEDcircuit diagram of two LED flasher application kit using LM or NE555 ICflasher which uses555 IC Timer to be wired as a Square Wave Oscillator(astable operation mode). This application kit has a double ended output connection in which the LEDs will start to flash simultaneously ON and OFF when connected to a battery or 5V to 15V power supply.

The circuit diagramshown above perform how to assembly ofthe two LED flasherapplication kit. And these are the following component to be applied: 2 pcs 820R grey red brown for R3 R4, 2 pcs 1K brown black red for R1 R2, 1 pc Koa trimpot 100K 104, 1 pc ceramic capacitor 10n 103 (C1), 1 pc electrolytic capacitor 10uF (C2), 2 pcs 5mm re LED for L1 L2, an LM/NE555 IC, a 8 pin IC socket, and a 3138 PCB.

You are also provided with informations such an animation of what happens in this two LED flasher, or entering values for R1, R2, C and what flash rate would these component give. Follow complete read ofWiring 555 IC as a Square Wave Oscillator for Two LED Flasher Applicationin this 555 Application Datasheet (source: quasarelectronics.com).