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12V linear regulator for Transceiver Radio

2017-03-01 09:10  
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This circuit is 12V linear regulator for the receiver radios model transistor. which with regard to often use current the very. Especially when do signalling . The 2N3055 transistors that use in place circuit s pay electric this power. Then must pay the electric current has very much. For a resister R1 in the circuit will perform to decrease the quantity will of the electric power to will lose to go to down and make can use cheap transistor get . And in value filtration R1. As a result have Voltage fall straddle all about 2 Volt. The Zener Diode use 12.7V values or 12.6V 1Watt. This circuit size builds easy then convenient for friends. At a novice and seek easy equipment certainly. And still can pay the electric current has about 2 Amp. Request to have fun 12V linear regulator for Transceiver Radio circuits please sir.

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