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High Input Impedance Double Wave Linear Detection Circuit wi

2017-03-02 18:22  
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High Input Impedance Double Wave Linear Detection Circuit with Simple Adjustment(RC4558DN)
  The picture shows the high input impedance double wave linear detection circuit. The circuit doesn't need precision resistance. Its characteristic is that it can simply make up the gain inequality of the positive and negative input by adjusting VR1. As the signal is input from A1's same-phase terminal, the input impedance is high and will have no nolinear distortion. In the positive half period of the input alternating current signal, A1's output is positive, and D1 is positively offset and is connected. So A2's input is also positive, and A2's input is positive too. R2, VR1,R1 will generate negative feedback to A1 with β=1. All in all, they will become a same-phase amplifier with a gain of 1.