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Remittent Oscillating Circuit with Good Linearity Controlled

2017-03-19 21:40  
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Remittent Oscillating Circuit with Good Linearity Controlled by Direct Current Voltage
The picture shows the remittent oscillating circuit with good linearity which is controlled by direct current voltage. The remittent oscillating circuit controls C1's current and generates triangular wave. If the triangular wave is transformed into sine wave, then the circuit will become analog function generator circuit. The voltage/current change-over circuit which is composed of A3 and VT1 can transformed the input voltage into current. The current which is flowing through R1 is similar to VT1's collector's output current. R2=R3=R4, so A4's same-phase and phase reversal input terminals almost have the same level, and VT1's collector current and VT3,VT4's collector current are equal.