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Sinusoidal Input Voltage Linear Iren Circuit

2017-03-10 15:41  
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A linear circuit is an electronic circuit in which, for a sinusoidal input voltage of frequency, any steady-state output of the circuit (the current through any component, or the voltage between any two points) is also sinusoidal with frequencyf. Note that the output need not be in phase with the input.Alow-frequency, op-amp oscillator and a  VCO , both configured from a single  MC3405  ~dual op amp and dual comparator, are tbe major components in a siren circuit tbat can be made to produce various warbles and wails, or serve as an audio sweep generator.The only otber active components needed are an MPS Al3 small-signal transistor and a  2N6030 power Darlington transistor.A linear circuit is one that has no nonlinear electronic components in it. Examples of linear circuits are small-signal amplifiers, differentiators, and integrators, or any circuit composed exclusively ofidealresistors, capacitors, inductors, op-amps (in the "non-saturated" regime), and other "linear" circuit elements.