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Understanding the Basic Operation of Linear Voltage Regulato

2017-03-02 08:11  
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An article contains information related tothe Basic Operation Theory of Linear Regulatorsis provided herein. It might help forlinear regulator circuits diagramunderstanding the most commonly used regulating modes by the linear regulators (standards, low dropout, quasi low dropout).

Sections abouthow a linear regulator workscan be found in this document, for such basic linear regulator, the control loop operation, linear regulator types (LDO, Standard, Quasi LDO), how to select the best regulator for your applications, built-in protection circuits (thermal shutdown, current limiting), voltage error amplifier, mistakes often made in applying linear regulators (output capacitor used, loop response of a typical regulator, controlling the ESR of the output capacitor, the load regulation on fixed and adjustable linear regulators).

Also, there are application circuits which highlight some of the useful features of the new LDO regulators. Get and download the pdf forUnderstanding the Basic Operation of Linear Voltage Regulators(source: national.com)