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Building an Intel 8008 Computer "Clock"

2017-01-08 00:59  
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Building an Intel 8008 Computer
Be aware that I cheated this time around, at least I feel that way. In this design I use many modernly available shortcuts such as programmable logic devices and a high density ram. These devices were not available back in the 70’s. In doing so I do not believe I compromised my goal. My goal was to build a clock, not become crippled and blind, wire-wrapping two hundred IC’s. Unlike my teenage years, I don’t have unlimited time, and I now have a mortgage… I no longer mow lawns for a living, as I did at fourteen. Please understand this is a fully operational 8008 computer. Its 16k of memory space can be configured to use several combinations or RAM and EPROM. I designed in four input and four output ports. It also has a fully functional front panel that can be used to examine or modify memory, or jam in an interrupt instruction. If you are a purest, feel free to convert the PLD algorithms to random logic to build a more authentic computer, though doing so may require modifications to compensate for timing delays. Also remember you cannot load the 8008 down with more than one TTL load. You must buffer all signal lines coming from the CPU. You should also keep in mind that adding more logic chips will increase the power requirements.