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C192, 555, CD4028 automatic changing l0-block speed controll

2017-01-08 23:56  
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C192, 555, CD4028 automatic changing l0-block speed controller circuit
The circuit includes a clock signal generator IC1, counter IC2, decoder IC3, simultaneous phase-shifting circuit (BG1, BG2, BG3), SCR control circuit SCR, buck rectifier circuit. The step-down voltage is stabilized in (9 ~ 10.5) V. It provides power for the entire controller. The clock signal generator is the multi-vibrator composed of IC1 (555), R2, R3, W1, W2, C3 and other components. The signal frequency depends on the charge and discharge time constant, and adjusting the W1, W2can change the signal frequency and duty cycle. The low-frequency square wave produced by IC1 is count pulse of IC2 and it will be added to the CP side (14 feet).