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Digital clock

2017-01-06 23:25  
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Circuit diagram Digital clock Digital clock circuit
This Clock/Calendar Circuit BoardDesign uses a 16×1 LCD Display with 4-bits interface. This circuit design is capable to display many characters. Time and date are displayed as HH:MM:SSx mmm dd, where: HH = Hours MM = Minutes SS = Seconds x = AM/PM mmm = Month (Jan, Feb, Mar) dd = Day.

Digital clock pcb
Digital clock Pcb
This Clock/Calendar Circuit Board Design uses PIC16F628 as the processor. The PIC16F628 features 16 I/O pins with individual direction control and high current sink/source for direct LED drive. 

Digital clock parts
Digital clock Parts 

Digital clock top
Digital clock Pcb


R1: 1K
C1,C2: 22pf or 33pf
CR1: 4Mhz crystal
P1,P2,P3,P4: Push Button

IC1: PIC16F628
LCD1: 1X16 LCD Display


Digital clock PCB

HEX CODE: here

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