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Digital lock 2

2017-01-08 21:13  
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Digital lock 2
The digital lock circuit consists of buttons S1-S10 (S1-S4 are valid password buttons, S5-S10 are the lock buttons), four RS trigger integrated circuit IC (Al-A4) and resistor Rl. Control implementation circuit is composed of the resistor R2, transistor V, Relay K and diode VD. Rl and R2 use the 1/4W carbon film resistor or metal film resistor. VD selects the lN4001 or 1N4007 silicon rectifier diode. V uses C8550 or S8550, 3CG8550 silicon PNP transistor. IC choosed the CC4043 CD4043 four-RS flip-flop circuit. S0 uses the ordinary power switch.