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LT1107 Output Ripple Reduction using Gain Block Circuit Diag

2017-01-08 15:11  
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LT1107 Micropower DC/DC Converter has a gain block A2 which can serve as a low-battery detector, be used as an error amplifier, or linear post regulator. The following picture shown the Output Ripple Reduction using Gain Block of the LT1107 device.

Output Ripple Reduction Using Gain Block of the LT1107

The circuit diagrams output ripple of the LT1107, it normally 50mV at 5Vout can be reduced significantly by placing the gain block in front of FB input, according to the datasheet. Ripple reduction works with step-down or inverting modes as well.

For this technique to be effective, output capacitor C1 must be large, so that each switching cycle increases VOUT by only a few millivolts. 1000mF is a good starting value. C1 should be a low ESR type as well..

(source: linear.com)