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Numbers Padlock Integrated Circuit

2017-01-08 22:08  
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Numbers Padlock Integrated Circuit
LS7225 is designed by American LSI company for automatic protective device, which can develop many application circuit. The circuit consists of keyboard, socket S01,IC1, relay J and power supply. The code preset is finished by connecting different wirings to S01. As seen in the figure, a four figures code is set, that is 3728, while other key codes are all on IC1's reset terminal. When to open the padlock, after pushing the key codes 3728 inproper order on the keyboard, IC1's pin 8 will output high level which will drive J to work which will make its normally open point connected. The electromagnet will get power to open the padlock, and D4 will go out. Then if any non-code key is pushed, the circuit will be reset and D4 is illuminated. IC1's pin 8 will output low level. In order to prevent the electrified wire netting from losing electricity, a spare current power is needed which is controlled by switch K.