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The switching circuit 1 with self-locking ( self-maintaining

2017-01-06 22:58  
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The switching circuit 1 with self-locking ( self-maintaining ) function
The 3 optical couplers in Figure respectively play the role of the trigger, self-locking and switching. When a start trigger signal is applied to the GY , GG1 gets conduction, then there is current flowing through GY2 and GY3 to turn on GG2 and OG3. When the trigger signal disappears, GY1 does not emit light, then GG1 is cutoff, but at this time, the GG2 has been turned on, and the current of GY2 and GY3 is provided by GG2 passage, GG3 continues to maintain the conductive state, it is equivalent that the switch is still turned on until the power supply voltage E disappears in order to make the circuit restitution.