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the alarm circuit of the blocked seed channel in seeding-mac

2017-01-08 02:51  
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the alarm circuit of the blocked seed channel in seeding-machine (1)
VL and VD are relatively set in the transmit seed tube.The infrared light which is emitted by V2 shines on VD.When seeding,if the transmit seed tube of the seeding-machine works right.The infrared light is sheltered by the seeds every now and then.The base electrode of V1 will generate a series continuous negtive pulse.V1 is conducted at a interval time.The pin-2 and pin-6 output low level.The pin-3 outputs high level.V2 is saturated to conduct.The audio oscillator consists of Y3,Y4,C5 and R7 stops oscillation.B1 doesn't give a sound.You can adjust the resistence of RP.It can change the action sensibility of the the trigger circuit.