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Alternator And Battery Monitoring Circuit

2015-01-26 06:59  
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The monitor is a car battery as the battery-operated voltage comparator. Comparator input voltage is determined by the PI regulator potentiometer must be adjusted. Green LED L2 is lit, the alternator running, while the red LED1 light does not work then the alternator circuit.

Car Battery And Alternator Monitor Circuit 

Works as follows: When the normal operation of the alternator, the battery voltage is high and PI settings so that the transistor Q1 Q2 is turned off. This results in Q3 and Q4 are turned on, thus applying current green LED L2. Transistor Q1 is turned off. This makes the transistor Q2 is turned on, the power red LED L1, indicating trouble. Once Q2 is turned off, it causes the conduction out Q3 and Q4.


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