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Audio Perimeter Monitor System

2015-01-22 00:26  
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Circuit diagram with the names we call the perimeter audio monitor, which is intended for audio surveillance of areas not protected, for example into the back garden or open space. Circuit diagram using a single cable such as speaker doorbell wire or cable, this circuit can be far positioned, for example, at the bottom of the garden or garage, and is used to detect all sound in that area. Cable can be buried in a water pipe or channel and hidden from view. The mic is a regular dynamic mic insert and should be placed in a cage with a water resistant entire series. The output mic reinforced by two transistors, the output is fed into the cable through a 220u capacitor. Here, he has a dual purpose disrupt supply to prevent DC bias of the circuit, and also allows the audio output of smaller ac to pass to the front. In the power supply, audio found by the 10k preset and 220u capacitor. This is used to feed a small audio amplifier (such as design 2watt) previously displayed on this site. The following is a schematic drawing:

Audio Perimeter Monitor System1 Audio Perimeter Monitor System

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