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Car Battery Voltage Monitor Circuit

2015-01-24 23:51  
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battary mornitor circuit

battary mornitor circuit

This circuit is used to monitor the battery voltage to display a dual-colored LED status of the battery to. If the LED “green”battery voltage exceeds 11.9 volts. If the yellow LED, battery voltage 11.9 to 11.5 volts. If the LED is “red” If the battery voltage below 11.5 volts. You can of course change the trigger points by the trimmer resistors and / or changing the value of the resistors in the divider.

?A dual op amp is used as a comparator. The green LED on the board, until the voltage exceeds 11.5 volts. The red LED illuminates when the voltage falls below 11.9 volts to the circuit. Therefore, in the 11.9 to 11.5 volts, both LEDs are on, producing a slightly yellow color. When the voltage falls below 11.5 V, the green LED, and now only the red LED flashes to indicate low voltage.

Electronic Parts List

D1=5V6 /0.5W Zener
RV1=10K trimmer

?Is recommended that multi-shaper for V1 and V2. Muti-trimmer makes it much easier to trigger points to make as a less expensive single-turn trimmer. The trimmer can be completely eliminated if you have access to a range of 1% resistors and has had calculated carefully. You would also want to provide more accurate reference voltage as the common 78L05  regulator.

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