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Car battery monitor circuit diagram

2015-01-20 12:20  
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How it works : When the battery voltage is 11.5V or less transistor Q1 is turned on and the LED D1 will be bright. When the battery voltage is between 11.5 and 13.5 V, the transistor Q2 is turned on and the LED D2 will light up. When the battery voltage is 13.5V transistor Q3 will be on the D3 and the LED will light.

The schematic diagram come from circuit: Car Battery Monitor with 3 LED power supply. Go to that page to read the explanation about above power supply related circuit diagram.Car Battery Monitor with 3 LED
Car Battery Monitor circuit description: This is a circuit diagram of the 3 LED bar graph type battery monitor ideal for monitoring the voltage level of the car battery voltage with battery. When the battery voltage is 11.5V or less ...

Flashing battery monitor
Here is a?simple battery monitor circuit?in which the?LED?will?continue?flashing?until battery voltage?is above the?level. Transistors?Q1?and?Q2?are?wired?as?an astable multivibrator?circuit. This?flashing?battery?monitor?circuit?can operate?from?a variety of?voltages?from?6V?to12V. The?voltage?level?at which?an?LED?stops?flashing?can be set?by adjusting?R4.? When the?a preset?battery?voltage?reaches?threshold?flashing?frequency?decreases?andwhen?the voltage?drops below?the threshold of?the diode?D1?LED?turns?OFF. This is used?to?compensate for changes?in?voltage of?the base?emitter?Q1?due the ...

NiCd Charger with Current and Voltage Limiting
This NiCd battery charger circuit is very simple but it has a current and voltage limiting. Lamp L1 will light brightly and the LED will be out when the nicd battery is low and being charged, but the LED will ...

High-voltage power supply circuit for fluorescent light
The following figure shows a diagram of power fluorescent lights to a normal battery. It is very convenient when you can not use the grid. Principle of operation This scheme is a voltage converter for the type of blocking oscillator. ...

12 Volt Battery charger
The following schematic is a high-performance battery charger for gelled electrolyte lead acid battery. Battery charger quickly recharges lead acid battery ?and shuts off at a full charge. Innitially, charging current has limitations to 2 Ampere. While the battery voltage ...

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