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Dual over-under temperature monitor

2015-01-20 10:00  
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This circuit is ideal for use as an over-under temperature monitor, where its dual output feature can be used to drive HIGH and LOW temperature-indicator lamps, relays, etc. Tl is a 6.3 volt filament transformer whose secondary winding is connected inside a four arm bridge. When the bridge is balanced, ac output is zero, and C5 (or C7) receives no gate signal. If the bridge is unbalanced by raising or lowering the thermistor's ambient temperature, and ac voltage will appear across the SCR's gate cathode terminals. Depending in which sense the bridge is unbalanced, the positive gate voltage will be in phase with, or 180?° out of phase with the ac supply.
Dual over-under temperature monitor

If the positive gate voltage is in phase, the SCR will deliver load current through diode CRI to load (1), diode CR2 blocking current to load (2). Conversely, if positive gate voltage is 180?° out of phase, diode CR2 will conduct and deliver power to load (2), CRI being reverse biased under these conditions. With the component values shown, the circuit will respond to changes in temperature of approximately 1-2?°C. Substitution of other variable-resistance sensors, such as cadmium sulfide light dependent resistors (LDR) or strain gauge elements, for the thermistor shown is permissible.

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