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2015-01-26 15:39  
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The circuit monitors and displays a digital signal`s duty cycle and provides accuracy as high as ?±1%. Using switch S2, you can choose a frequency range of either 250 Hz to 2. 5 kHz at ?±1% accuracy or 2 kHz to 50 kHz at ?±10% accuracy. The common-cathode display gives the signal`s duty-cycle percentage. Phase-locked loop re4 and counters Ie5A and re5B multiply the input frequency by a factor of either 10 or 100, depending on switch S2`s setting.

re6A and re6B count this multiplied frequency during the incoming signal`s mark interval. re7 and res then latch this count and display it at the clock`s sample rate. For example, ifyou select a 1 % resolution, when the signal`s mark periodis 40% of the total period, the circuit will enable the counter comprising re6A and re6B for 40 counts. To obtain space-interval sampling, you can reverse the input polarity using switch Sl. re2A samples the input signal`s period and enables gate reze and resets the counter. Ie2E and re2F form the sample-rate clock; re3B synchronizes the clock`s output with the input, so that the circuit can update latches re7 and res.

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