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Fuse monitoring / alarm circuit

2015-01-21 08:50  
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This article describes the fuse monitoring / alarm circuit. The circuit is relatively simple, it is easy to grasp. Here you'll read the following diagram combine text it! It came to my flash. An easy way to see if the fuse has blown and not removed from its holder. It is not always possible to design a circuit with only two components, but only a resistor and a leader of the circuit to provide visual indication when a fuse is blown. Is generally not bright led a "short circuited" fuse, F1. Should avoid the "big bang" happened in your workshop then LED1 will illuminate and let you know all about it!? Note that the leadership will light fault conditions, ie short circuit or shunt load. In this case, the supply current is reduced to a safe level, R1. If you want a thorough understanding of the principles of the circuit, I suggest you can go to find out the important components of the circuit: LED . 

Fuse Monitor / Alarm



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