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How to build Battery Equality Monitor Circuit Schematic

2015-01-25 09:58  
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Almost all 24V power systems in trucks, 4WDs, RVs, boats, etc, employ two series-connected 12V lead-acid batteries. The charging system can only maintain the sum of the individual battery voltages. If one battery is failing, this circuit will light a LED. Hence impending battery problems can be forecast. The circuit works by detecting a voltage difference between the two series connected 12V batteries. Idle current is low enough to allow the unit to be permanently left across the batteries.

Circuit diagram:

Circuit diagram


R1 = 2.KR2 = 4.7KR3 = 39KR4 = 39KR5 = 1.5KR6 = 1.5KQ1 = BC547Q2 = BC547Q3 = BC557D1 = 3mm Red LEDD2 = 3mm GreenLEDB1 = DC 12 VoltB2 = DC 12 Volt

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