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INA159 Dual-Polarity, Bidirectional Current-Shunt-Monitor Ci

2015-01-22 01:07  
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This article describes the INA159 Dual-Polarity, Bidirectional Current-Shunt-Monitor Circuit (OPA340). The content is very simple, very helpful. Components in this article can help you understand better understanding of this article. For example, in this article, you can go to find and buy these components:OPA340.

This is a INA159 Dual-Polarity, Bidirectional Current-Shunt-Monitor Circuit. This circuit uses OPA340 because it has near rail-to-rail input and output swing ranges that allow the output voltage of the circut to approach 0 and 5V. The gain of OPA340 is set to 100 and the INA159 gain is 0.2V/V. This circuit has gain of 20V/V. Here is the circuit :

INA159 Dual Polarity Bidirectional Current Shunt Monitor Circuit circuit schematic diagram

To increase the sensitivity we can use a higher OPA340 closed-loop gain. However, it will increase DC errors and reduces the bandwidth if we use a higher OPA340 closed-loop gain. The output of INA159 can be increased by increasing the value of shunt resistor Rs from 0.1 ohm to a larger value. However we must evaluate the consequences of higher resistor power dissipation and the larger voltage drop.

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