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Linear LTC4151 Voltage and Current Monitoring Device Datashe

2015-01-23 08:37  
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If you looking for a feature-rich power monitoring device that suits on a wide variety automotive, telecom, andThe LTC4151 Monitoring Voltage and Current of an Auto Socket with a GPS Circuit Diagramindustrial applications you may consider this LTC4151IC fromLinear Technology. Thispower monitordevice provides accurate voltage and current monitoring of positive supply rail from 7V to 80V through a simple I2C interface, according tothe datasheet.

Such in automotive which hasmonitoring powerin high transient environment, this device is suitable for that purpose as well the high input voltage of the LTC4151. You can see the above circuit schematic, it shows that the device monitoring up to 16A through a 5mOhms sense resistor at an accessory socket and feeding data via I2C microcontroller. And a portable GPS unit is used to illustrate the principle.


See more about thisPower(Voltage and Current) Monitoring Devicein this LTC4151 Datasheet.