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Phone line based remote monitoring circuit

2015-01-20 03:54  
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Remote monitoringenables various network monitors and console systems to exchange network-monitoring data. It provides network administrators with more freedom in selecting network-monitoring probes and consoles as per requirement. A remote monitoring implementation typically operates in a client/server model. Monitoring devices contain RMON software agents that collect information and analyze packets.This device monitors sounds in home or office when a telephone is called from a remote location.The circuit was designed to provide a monitoring scheme for a telephone line where several phones are installed, to indicate when one is being used.While many remote monitoring systems are now Internet-based, communications through plain-old telephone service (POTS ) is not dead! Phone-line-based remote monitoring unit (RMU) communications remain a viable alternative (or complement) to Ethernet and wireless communications in a variety of remote monitoring applications where a broadband connection is impractical or power outages prevail.

Remote telephone monitor