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RGB color monitor circuit

2015-01-20 22:59  
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In the RGB color model, red, green and blue are added together to generate a wide array of colors. If you want to use a specific color in your Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 presentation, you must know the color's red, green and blue values. If you have this information, you can open PowerPoint's Colors window and input the values in the correct boxes to set desired RGB colors.The RGB blue box turns your PC`s RGB-monitor screen blue at the flip of a switch. That is, it makes your computer display bright white text on a blue background, instead of the usual low-intensity white on black. The RGB .blue box connects between your IBM PC color graphics adapter, or equivalent, and your RGB  color monitor. By flipping a switch, you choose between two modes. One mode passes the signal from the PC to the monitor unaltered; the other transforms it to make text more readable.The monitor has four  TTL -level inputs-red, green, blue, and intensity-and it interprets disconnected wires as on. That`s why the screen turns white if you disconnect the monitor from the computer, and blue if you disconnect only the blue line. Instead of just discarding the blue signal, the blue box reroutes it to the intensity input. As a result, most of the text colors come out intensified.Colors are most commonly specified as either a color keyword or as the hexadecimal triplet representing an RGB combination. If specified, thetextis centered within the box.If no color is specified for the text, it is displayed using the default style foreground color as prescribed by CSS. For most users this is black.