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Sensus Line Voltage Monitor Circuit

2015-01-23 18:41  
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The Sensus Voltage Monitors (TVM1 and TVM3) gauge line voltage and provide real-time notifications of steady state values, outages and under or over voltage conditions. Different models are available for monitoring single phase and three phase grounded systems.This circuit uses a type741 op amp as a voltage comparator. One input of the 7.41 is connected to a reference voltage (a 12-V battery) through a resistor voltage divider. The potential at the noninverting input of the 741 is approximately 3 V. The inverting input of the op amp comparator is connected to the output of a line-operated 8-V power supply. When the ac power main fails, T1 will no longer be energized, so the charge stored in capacitor  C1  will begin to discharge through resistor RS.Line voltageis the voltage that a power line delivers to its destination. Or the point where it is being used.It is an important consideration for a number of applications,including household appliances and electronic devices.

When the capacitor voltage drops below the reference voltage of 3 V, the output of the comparator becomes high. This output condition .will forward bias transistor Q1, causing the Sonalert to sound the alarm. The time constant of the R5/C1 combination is 22 seconds-long enough to prevent noise from triggering the alarm.