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Turn signal indicating monitor circuit

2015-01-26 21:29  
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An indicating circuit provides an indication that a turn signal in a vehicle is activated. A timer receives an activation signal representative of the turn signal. The timer provides a reminder output signal based on the activation signal. The timer provides the reminder output signal during reminder periods which are spaced by delay time periods.A unijunction transistor audio oscillator drives a small speaker. The oscillator`s frequency is determined by resistor R2 and capacitor C2 . The ope rating voltage is supplied from the car`s turn-signal circuit(s) through Dl and D2.The diodes conduct current from the blinker circuit that is energized, and prevent stray current flow to the other blinker circuit. Turn signal control circuit has a power source, left and right turn signal inputs, a speed detection input and circuitry for conditioning the power source voltage and current as well as the input signals for proper operation. When a turn signal switch provides an input signal to a logic controller, the circuit begins flashing the respective turn signal. Upon release of the switch, a microprocessor reviews the vehicle speed by way of a speedometer input line and references a lookup table to determine the proper distance at which to turn off the signal.