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A3967 Bipolar Stepper Motor Pinout Diagram, Terminal List an

2016-09-04 14:20  
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The A3967 is a complete microstepping motor driver with built-in translator. The translator will simply inputting oneA3967 Pinout Diagrampulse on the STEP input then the motor will take one step ofbipolar stepper motorsin full-, half-, quarter-, and eighth-step operation modes. We will provide you with theA3967 Pinout Diagram(including terminal list and description) in the datasheet.

In the A3967 datasheet, you can find information about its functional description for such Reset Input, Step Input, Microstep Select, Direction Input, Internal PWM Current Control, Fixed Off-Time, RC Blanking, Enable Input, Shutdown, Sleep Mode, Percent Fast Decay Input, and Mixed Decay Operation. Also, there are Layout, Grounding, Current Sensing and Thermal protection in the application information section.

The figure above shows you theA3967 Bipolar Stepper Motor Pinout Diagram. The terminal list of the device is provided as follows:

Terminal List of the A3967

Terminal NameTerminal DescriptionTerminal Number
REFGm reference input1
RC2Analog input for fixed offtime – bridge 22
SLEEPLogic input3
OUT2BH bridge 2 output B4
LOAD SUPPLY2VBB2, the load supply for bridge 25
GNDAnalog and power ground6,7
SENSE2Sense resistor for bridge 28
OUT2AH bridge 2 output A9
STEPLogic input10
DIRLogic input11
MS1Logic input12
MS2Logic input13
LOGIC SUPPLYVCC, the logic supply voltage14
ENABLELogic input15
OUT1AH bridge 1 output A16
SENSE1Sense resistor for bridge 117
GNDAnalog and power ground18, 19
LOAD SUPPLY1VBB1, the load supply for bridge 120
OUT1BH bridge 1 output B21
RESETLogic input22
RC1Analog Input for fixed offtime – bridge 123
PFDMixed decay setting24

For your information, A3967 is the substitute for UCN5804B since it has discontinued product (source: allegromicro.com)