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Bi-Directional Motor With NE555 IC

2016-09-03 03:00  
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bi directional motor1 300x159 Bi Directional Motor With NE555 IC

Description: This is circuit can be used to provide a bidirectional drive to a DC motor. Output of an astable mutivibrator based on IC1 (NE555) is used to control the relay RL1 driving the motor. The circuit operation is straight forward.? Component: BC107 Transistor, NE555 IC, Capacitor, Resistor, Diode, Relay, DC Motor.[freecircuitdiagrams4u.blogspot.com]

Tags: Capacitor, circuit diagram, control circuit, control diagram, control schematic, DC Motor, Diode, electronic circuit, electronic control, IC, Relay, Resistor, schematic diagram

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